Proposal Examples

Proposal Example #1


Thanks for the invite to Interview. I’m Ashleigh and I’m a Brand Community Developer With A Focus in Social Media Management and Paid/Organic Marketing.

Social Media Management: As a social media manager and content strategists, I oversee content production and curate social media channels for maximum optimization, community growth, and engagement. Some of my past responsibilities include but are not limited to sourcing and scheduling content, developing a community, analytics tracking, and designing branded content with a focus on graphic design and photo/video editing.

Marketing: In addition to the above I also have handled social media marketing for past clients. I focus heavily on running high converting paid Facebook and Instagram campaigns. I have worked for a variety of companies ranging from fashion companies to finance companies to nonprofits. I am very analytical, and I optimize for conversions based solely on data and common sense.

Bonus Skills:
Influencer Marketing
Organic Instagram Growth Strategies
Well adept in content post-production using full Adobe Creative Clouds such as Photoshop and Premiere Pro.

Some past clients not under NDA:

Questions for you:
Are you looking to go into paid trafficking or organic? I see you only have Facebook and Instagram on the website, are you looking to promote on any other platform as well? Whom​ would you say your targeted audience is?

I would be interested in hopping on the phone with you to discuss the details of your needs and to answer any questions you may have for me. What does your availability look like?


Proposal Example #2


My name is Ashleigh and I have created, maintained, and optimized a variety of websites through Shopify. I have optimized landing pages for conversions (it is all about the design, visuals, and social proof), cleaned up and restaged collection and product pages, and have instated all of the mandatory federal applications like cookies warning, terms and conditions, and policies. In addition to these tasks I was rehired as the head of Marketing for Ally Shoes. During this time we took a heavy interest on targeting engaged shoppers on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. I managed all marketing campaigns and adjusted the Shopify landing page for purchase conversions. Below are a few examples of my work.
[ – ]
I took a look at your store and I have a couple of ideas for marketing campaigns and targeted audiences that can increase your conversions. I noticed you don’t have that much engagement on IG or FB; if we tailor our focus to those platforms with the right targeted audience profit is sure to come in. What does your FB analytics look like now? CPM, CPC, budget etc.

Looking forward to discussing!


Proposal Templates

The Matter Of Fact Template

Hello [Client Name],

I see that [state the issue the client has].

As a [insert your professional job title and years you’ve been freelancing] I’m aware that [restate the issue] can cause [explain how the client’s problem can affect their overall business]. This issue can be easily solved when an experienced [insert your professional job title] is working on your team and I believe I would be a great addition to your business.

[Insert related experience and what you specifically helped clients with. No more than 3 in depth examples. Highlight Your results].

[Bring it back to the client by asking them a couple of questions related to their project or offer some free advice.]

I would be interested in helping you achieve the results you desire or [restate the role they are hiring for]

[Insert Call To Action-

i.e. I would be interested to see how I can help you further. What would be a good time to discuss your needs?

I would like to offer you a complimentary consultation. What’s the best day and time to call you this week?

I’m sure that my expertise can bring great value to you and your business. Do you have any additional questions for me?]


[insert name]

The Personal Connection Template

Hi [Client Name]

I looked up your company and I really admire the work you all are doing. Only say this if the company is already launched and available online.

[Insert personal connection].

As a [insert your professional job title] I enjoy working with companies that [insert the business’ cause]

I’ve worked with other businesses like yours such as [past clients], and I understand that [insert client’s need or problem].

[Insert expertise]

It would be my pleasure to [insert your solution/offer] for a company that is [insert causes].

[Insert CTA].


[Insert name]

[insert name]