5 Facts About Hollywood That They Don’t Want You To Know


Hollywood is a lucrative business, but it’s not everything it seems. You might be surprised to learn about these five hidden truths that Hollywood doesn’t want newcomers to know. I’ve had to learn all of these the hard way, so it’s best you learn them the easy way! 

There are many pathways to success

Hollywood is a very competitive industry, and to succeed you need to be talented and have massive amounts of determination and passion. Success isn’t guaranteed – even some of the most famous names in Hollywood have faced /still face difficulties. There are many pathways to become an actor. You don’t have to start off as an actor to eventually become an actor.  There are many pathways to success. For instance, working as a production assistant or PA can get you started in the industry. You can work as a casting assistant and get in the room that way. It’s all about getting yourself in the room and showing what you can do when the opportunity arises.

Successful Actors Train Like Olympians

Taking acting classes is important for any actor who wants to be successful. Acting skills and techniques are essential for any actor, and many successful actors began their careers by taking acting classes. Taking the time to improve your acting skills will help you become more versatile and confident in front of the camera. Acting classes can also give you a better understanding of who you are and how to bring your characters authentically to life.

Hollywood Is Not All Glitz and Glamour

Hollywood is not all glamour and glitz. The entertainment industry can be quite gritty in reality. Contrary to popular belief, a career in Hollywood isn’t always paved with success or riches – many actors and filmmakers struggle for years before achieving national recognition or financial stability. The entertainment industry is a lucrative business, but it’s not everything it seems. There are many talented and hardworking actors and actresses who do not receive the same level of recognition or financial compensation as their more recognizable counterparts. Moreover, even if it seems that an actor or actress makes a fortune from their work in Hollywood, that money is usually split at least 5 different ways, between the talent, their manager, their agent, their lawyer, and Uncle Sam.

Talent Is Just 10% of The Equation

Success as an actor often comes down to 10% talent, 30% looks and 60% connections. It’s important to master each of these areas in order to be successful. Talent can come from natural ability or hard work, while your looks/your type can be enhanced and adapted to fit what is trending in the Entertainment Industry. Connections are the keys that will allow you to break into the industry. By putting in the effort and cultivating the right relationships, you can be provided with opportunities you never thought imaginable.

The Game Favors Those Who Last The Longest

If you listen to any actor who has made it (specifically those who are not nepotism babies, and had no connections at all) you will notice a trend in their advice to up-and-coming actors; those who last the longest will win. Trying to be an actor is a difficult task. The game favors those who last the longest, and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make it in this industry. It’s not for everyone, but those who persevere have a better chance of having an acting career and can reap the benefits of a successful career.

It’s been very difficult trying to break in the Entertainment Industry as an Actor. I’ve learned all of the above truths myself, whether it be losing a job to a producer’s daughter or not getting in a room because I didn’t have the connections.  The above are a few truths that newcomers need to accept in order to effectively pursue a career in Acting.  In conclusion, it is important to be patient and consistent in your efforts. Second, it is essential to have a strong work ethic and be willing to put in the extra effort. Finally, it is significant to network and build relationships with people in the industry so that you can learn as much as possible. By accepting these truths, you will be on your way to a successful acting career.

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  1. Wow, thanks alot but can’t lie I had that idea of starting my acting career as a production but unfortunately in Kenya I never found an institute with production assistant (P A) course,i felt disappointed after finding out but I have faith in Ashleigh because she has the knowledge and experience. Thank you.

    1. Hey Brian! You don’t need a course to be a PA. I’ve been a PA a couple of times and you essentially just do whatever the production asks you to do whether that be picking up crafty or driving the talent to a location. It’s a great way to get an idea of how production works and can provide you with opportunity to build relationships with the decision makers, which can ultimately help you get in front of the camera.